Table testsql_comments.categories
this table shows information related to Koha patron categories

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categorycode varchar 10
borrower_message_preferences.categorycode borrower_message_preferences_ibfk_3 C
borrowers.categorycode borrowers_ibfk_1 R
branch_borrower_circ_rules.categorycode branch_borrower_circ_rules_ibfk_1 C
categories_branches.categorycode categories_branches_ibfk_1 C
default_borrower_circ_rules.categorycode borrower_borrower_circ_rules_ibfk_1 C
unique primary key used to idenfity the patron category
description mediumtext 16777215  √  null description of the patron category
enrolmentperiod smallint 5  √  null number of months the patron is enrolled for (will be NULL if enrolmentperioddate is set)
enrolmentperioddate date 10  √  null date the patron is enrolled until (will be NULL if enrolmentperiod is set)
upperagelimit smallint 5  √  null age limit for the patron
dateofbirthrequired bit 0  √  null the minimum age required for the patron category
finetype varchar 30  √  null unused in Koha
bulk bit 0  √  null
enrolmentfee decimal 28,6  √  null enrollment fee for the patron
overduenoticerequired bit 0  √  null are overdue notices sent to this patron category (1 for yes, 0 for no)
issuelimit smallint 5  √  null unused in Koha
reservefee decimal 28,6  √  null cost to place holds
hidelostitems bit 0 0 are lost items shown to this category (1 for yes, 0 for no)
category_type varchar 1 A type of Koha patron (Adult, Child, Professional, Organizational, Statistical, Staff)
BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions bit 0 -1 wheither or not a patron of this category can renew books or place holds once their card has expired. 0 means they can, 1 means they cannot, -1 means use syspref BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions
default_privacy enum 8 default Default privacy setting for this patron category

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
categorycode Primary key Asc PRIMARY
categorycode Must be unique Asc categorycode

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