0 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
serialid INT 10 null
serialitems.serialid serialitems_sfk_1C

unique key for the issue

biblionumber INT 10 null
biblio.biblionumber serial_ibfk_1C

foreign key for the biblio.biblionumber that this issue is attached to

subscriptionid INT 10 null
subscription.subscriptionid serial_ibfk_2C

foreign key to the subscription.subscriptionid that this issue is part of

serialseq VARCHAR 100

issue information (volume, number, etc)

serialseq_x VARCHAR 100 null

first part of issue information

serialseq_y VARCHAR 100 null

second part of issue information

serialseq_z VARCHAR 100 null

third part of issue information

status TINYINT 3 0

status code for this issue (see manual for full descriptions)

planneddate DATE 10 null

date expected

notes MEDIUMTEXT 16777215 null


publisheddate DATE 10 null

date published

publisheddatetext VARCHAR 100 null

date published (descriptive)

claimdate DATE 10 null

date claimed

claims_count INT 10 0

number of claims made related to this issue

routingnotes MEDIUMTEXT 16777215 null

notes from the routing list


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc serialid
serial_ibfk_1 Performance Asc biblionumber
serial_ibfk_2 Performance Asc subscriptionid