0 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
illrequest_id BIGINT UNSIGNED 20 null
illcomments.illrequest_id illcomments_ifkC
illrequestattributes.illrequest_id illrequestattributes_ifkC

ILL request number

borrowernumber INT 10 null
borrowers.borrowernumber illrequests_bnfkC

Patron associated with request

biblio_id INT 10 null

Potential bib linked to request

branchcode VARCHAR 50 null
branches.branchcode illrequests_bcfk_2C

The branch associated with the request

status VARCHAR 50 null

Current Koha status of request

status_alias VARCHAR 80 null
authorised_values.authorised_value illrequests_safkN

Foreign key to relevant authorised_values.authorised_value

placed DATE 10 null

Date the request was placed

replied DATE 10 null

Last API response

completed DATE 10 null

Date the request was completed

medium VARCHAR 30 null

The Koha request type

accessurl VARCHAR 500 null

Potential URL for accessing item

cost VARCHAR 20 null

Quotes cost of request

price_paid VARCHAR 20 null

Final cost of request

notesopac MEDIUMTEXT 16777215 null

Patron notes attached to request

notesstaff MEDIUMTEXT 16777215 null

Staff notes attached to request

orderid VARCHAR 50 null

Backend id attached to request

backend VARCHAR 20 null

The backend used to create request


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc illrequest_id
illrequests_bcfk_2 Performance Asc branchcode
illrequests_bnfk Performance Asc borrowernumber
illrequests_safk Performance Asc status_alias