Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
issue_id INT 10 null

primary key for issues table

borrowernumber INT 10 null
borrowers.borrowernumber old_issues_ibfk_1 N

foreign key, linking this to the borrowers table for the patron this item was checked out to

itemnumber INT 10 null
items.itemnumber old_issues_ibfk_2 N

foreign key, linking this to the items table for the item that was checked out

date_due DATETIME 19 null

date the item is due (yyyy-mm-dd)

branchcode VARCHAR 10 null

foreign key, linking to the branches table for the location the item was checked out

returndate DATETIME 19 null

date the item was returned

lastreneweddate DATETIME 19 null

date the item was last renewed

renewals TINYINT 3 0

lists the number of times the item was renewed

auto_renew BIT 0 0

automatic renewal

auto_renew_error VARCHAR 32 null

automatic renewal error

timestamp TIMESTAMP 19 current_timestamp()

the date and time this record was last touched

issuedate DATETIME 19 null

date the item was checked out or issued

onsite_checkout INT 10 0

in house use flag

note LONGTEXT 2147483647 null

issue note text

notedate DATETIME 19 null

datetime of issue note (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm::ss)

noteseen INT 10 null

describes whether checkout note has been seen 1, not been seen 0 or doesn't exist null

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc issue_id
branchcode_idx Performance Asc branchcode
old_bordate Performance Asc/Asc borrowernumber + timestamp
old_issuesborridx Performance Asc borrowernumber
old_issuesitemidx Performance Asc itemnumber