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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
categorycode VARCHAR 10
borrower_message_preferences.categorycode borrower_message_preferences_ibfk_3C
borrower_modifications.categorycode Implied ConstraintR
borrowers.categorycode borrowers_ibfk_1R
categories_branches.categorycode categories_branches_ibfk_1C
circulation_rules.categorycode circ_rules_ibfk_2C
deletedborrowers.categorycode Implied ConstraintR
item_circulation_alert_preferences.categorycode Implied ConstraintR
overduerules.categorycode Implied ConstraintR
pseudonymized_transactions.categorycode pseudonymized_transactions_ibfk_1R

unique primary key used to idenfity the patron category

description LONGTEXT 2147483647 null

description of the patron category

enrolmentperiod SMALLINT 5 null

number of months the patron is enrolled for (will be NULL if enrolmentperioddate is set)

enrolmentperioddate DATE 10 null

date the patron is enrolled until (will be NULL if enrolmentperiod is set)

upperagelimit SMALLINT 5 null

age limit for the patron

dateofbirthrequired BIT 0 null

the minimum age required for the patron category

finetype VARCHAR 30 null

unused in Koha

bulk BIT 0 null
enrolmentfee DECIMAL 28,6 null

enrollment fee for the patron

overduenoticerequired BIT 0 null

are overdue notices sent to this patron category (1 for yes, 0 for no)

issuelimit SMALLINT 5 null

unused in Koha

reservefee DECIMAL 28,6 null

cost to place holds

hidelostitems BIT 0 0

are lost items shown to this category (1 for yes, 0 for no)

category_type VARCHAR 1 A

type of Koha patron (Adult, Child, Professional, Organizational, Statistical, Staff)

BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions BIT 0 -1

wheither or not a patron of this category can renew books or place holds once their card has expired. 0 means they can, 1 means they cannot, -1 means use syspref BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions

default_privacy enum('default', 'never', 'forever') 8 default

Default privacy setting for this patron category

checkprevcheckout VARCHAR 7 inherit

produce a warning for this patron category if this item has previously been checked out to this patron if ‘yes’, not if ‘no’, defer to syspref setting if ‘inherit’.

reset_password BIT 0 null

if patrons of this category can do the password reset flow,

change_password BIT 0 null

if patrons of this category can change their passwords in the OAPC

min_password_length SMALLINT 5 null

set minimum password length for patrons in this category

require_strong_password BIT 0 null

set required password strength for patrons in this category

exclude_from_local_holds_priority BIT 0 null

Exclude patrons of this category from local holds priority


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc categorycode
categorycode Must be unique Asc categorycode