0 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id INT 10 null

unique identifier for each offset

credit_id INT 10 null
accountlines.accountlines_id account_offsets_ibfk_pC

The id of the accountline the increased the patron’s balance

debit_id INT 10 null
accountlines.accountlines_id account_offsets_ibfk_fC

The id of the accountline that decreased the patron’s balance

type VARCHAR 16 null
account_offset_types.type account_offsets_ibfk_tC

The type of offset this is

amount DECIMAL 26,6 null

The amount of the change

created_on TIMESTAMP 19 current_timestamp()


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
account_offsets_ibfk_f Performance Asc debit_id
account_offsets_ibfk_p Performance Asc credit_id
account_offsets_ibfk_t Performance Asc type