0 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
budget_id INT 10 null
aqbudgetborrowers.budget_id aqbudgetborrowers_ibfk_1C
aqbudgets_planning.budget_id aqbudgets_planning_ifbk_1C
aqinvoice_adjustments.budget_id aqinvoice_adjustments_fk_budget_idN
aqinvoices.shipmentcost_budgetid aqinvoices_fk_shipmentcost_budgetidN
aqorders.budget_id aqorders_budget_id_fkC
suggestions.budgetid suggestions_budget_id_fkN
vendor_edi_accounts.shipment_budget vfk_shipment_budgetR

primary key and unique number assigned to each fund by Koha

budget_parent_id INT 10 null

if this fund is a child of another this will include the parent id (aqbudgets.budget_id)

budget_code VARCHAR 30 null

code assigned to the fund by the user

budget_name VARCHAR 80 null

name assigned to the fund by the user

budget_branchcode VARCHAR 10 null

branch that this fund belongs to (branches.branchcode)

budget_amount DECIMAL 28,6 0.000000

total amount for this fund

budget_encumb DECIMAL 28,6 0.000000

budget warning at percentage

budget_expend DECIMAL 28,6 0.000000

budget warning at amount

budget_notes LONGTEXT 2147483647 null

notes related to this fund


date and time this fund was last touched (created or modified)

budget_period_id INT 10 null
aqbudgetperiods.budget_period_id aqbudgetperiods_ibfk_1C

id of the budget that this fund belongs to (aqbudgetperiods.budget_period_id)

sort1_authcat VARCHAR 80 null

statistical category for this fund

sort2_authcat VARCHAR 80 null

second statistical category for this fund

budget_owner_id INT 10 null

borrowernumber of the person who owns this fund (borrowers.borrowernumber)

budget_permission INT 10 0

level of permission for this fund (used only by the owner, only by the library, or anyone)


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc budget_id
budget_branchcode Performance Asc budget_branchcode
budget_code Performance Asc budget_code
budget_owner_id Performance Asc budget_owner_id
budget_parent_id Performance Asc budget_parent_id
budget_period_id Performance Asc budget_period_id