Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
categorycode VARCHAR 10

patron category this rule is for (categories.categorycode)

itemtype VARCHAR 10

item type this rule is for (itemtypes.itemtype)

restrictedtype BIT 0 null

not used? always NULL

rentaldiscount DECIMAL 28,6 null

percent discount on the rental charge for this item

reservecharge DECIMAL 28,6 null
fine DECIMAL 28,6 null

fine amount

finedays INT 10 null

suspension in days

maxsuspensiondays INT 10 null

max suspension days

suspension_chargeperiod INT 10 1

how often the finedays is charged

firstremind INT 10 null

fine grace period

chargeperiod INT 10 null

how often the fine amount is charged

chargeperiod_charge_at BIT 0 0

Should fine be given at the start ( 1 ) or the end ( 0 ) of the period

accountsent INT 10 null

not used? always NULL

issuelength INT 10 null

length of checkout in the unit set in issuingrules.lengthunit

lengthunit VARCHAR 10 days

unit of checkout length (days, hours)

hardduedate DATE 10 null

hard due date

hardduedatecompare TINYINT 3 0

type of hard due date (1 = after, 0 = on, -1 = before)

renewalsallowed SMALLINT 5 0

how many renewals are allowed

renewalperiod INT 10 null

renewal period in the unit set in issuingrules.lengthunit

norenewalbefore INT 10 null

no renewal allowed until X days or hours before due date.

auto_renew BIT 0 0

automatic renewal

no_auto_renewal_after INT 10 null

no auto renewal allowed after X days or hours after the issue date

no_auto_renewal_after_hard_limit DATE 10 null

no auto renewal allowed after a given date

reservesallowed SMALLINT 5 0

how many holds are allowed

holds_per_record SMALLINT 5 1

How many holds a patron can have on a given bib

holds_per_day SMALLINT 5 null

How many holds a patron can have on a day

branchcode VARCHAR 10

the branch this rule is for (branches.branchcode)

overduefinescap DECIMAL 28,6 null

the maximum amount of an overdue fine

cap_fine_to_replacement_price BIT 0 0

cap the fine based on item's replacement price

onshelfholds BIT 0 0

allow holds for items that are on shelf

opacitemholds CHAR 1 N

allow opac users to place specific items on hold

article_requests enum('no', 'yes', 'bib_only', 'item_only') 9 no

allow article requests to be placed,

note VARCHAR 100 null

description of rule, reason for setting rule

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc/Asc/Asc branchcode + categorycode + itemtype
categorycode Performance Asc categorycode
itemtype Performance Asc itemtype