Table testsql_comments.course_items Generated by
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Columns with indexes
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ci_id int 10  √ 
course_reserves.ci_id course_reserves_ibfk_2 C
course item id
itemnumber int 10
items.itemnumber course_items_ibfk_1 C
items.itemnumber for the item on reserve
itype varchar 10  √  null new itemtype for the item to have while on reserve (optional)
ccode varchar 10  √  null new category code for the item to have while on reserve (optional)
holdingbranch varchar 10  √  null
branches.branchcode course_items_ibfk_2 C
new holding branch for the item to have while on reserve (optional)
location varchar 80  √  null new shelving location for the item to have while on reseve (optional)
enabled enum 4 no if at least one enabled course has this item on reseve, this field will be 'yes', otherwise it will be 'no'
timestamp timestamp 19 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Table contained 0 rows at Mon Jul 16 08:37 NZST 2018

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
ci_id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
holdingbranch Performance Asc holdingbranch
itemnumber Must be unique Asc itemnumber

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