Table testsql_comments.aqbasket Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
basketno int 10  √ 
aqbasketusers.basketno aqbasketusers_ibfk_1 C
aqorders.basketno aqorders_ibfk_1 C
edifact_messages.basketno emfk_basketno C
primary key, Koha defined number
basketname varchar 50  √  null name given to the basket at creation
note longtext 2147483647  √  null the internal note added at basket creation
booksellernote longtext 2147483647  √  null the vendor note added at basket creation
contractnumber int 10  √  null
aqcontract.contractnumber aqbasket_ibfk_2 R
links this basket to the aqcontract table (aqcontract.contractnumber)
creationdate date 10  √  null the date the basket was created
closedate date 10  √  null the date the basket was closed
booksellerid int 10 1 aqbasket_ibfk_1 R
the Koha assigned ID for the vendor (
authorisedby varchar 10  √  null the borrowernumber of the person who created the basket
booksellerinvoicenumber longtext 2147483647  √  null appears to always be NULL
basketgroupid int 10  √  null aqbasket_ibfk_3 R
links this basket to its group (
deliveryplace varchar 10  √  null basket delivery place
billingplace varchar 10  √  null basket billing place
branch varchar 10  √  null
branches.branchcode aqbasket_ibfk_4 N
basket branch
is_standing bit 0 0 orders in this basket are standing
create_items enum 11  √  null when items should be created for orders in this basket

Table contained 0 rows at Mon Jul 16 08:37 NZST 2018

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
basketno Primary key Asc PRIMARY
branch Performance Asc aqbasket_ibfk_4
authorisedby Performance Asc authorisedby
basketgroupid Performance Asc basketgroupid
booksellerid Performance Asc booksellerid
contractnumber Performance Asc contractnumber

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