Table testsql_comments.virtualshelves
information about lists (or virtual shelves)

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Excluded column relationships
< n > number of related tables
Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
shelfnumber int 10  √ 
virtualshelfcontents.shelfnumber virtualshelfcontents_ibfk_1 C
virtualshelfshares.shelfnumber virtualshelfshares_ibfk_1 C
unique identifier assigned by Koha
shelfname varchar 255  √  null name of the list
owner int 10  √  null
borrowers.borrowernumber virtualshelves_ibfk_1 N
foreign key linking to the borrowers table (using borrowernumber) for the creator of this list (changed from varchar(80) to int)
category varchar 1  √  null type of list (private [1], public [2])
sortfield varchar 16  √  title the field this list is sorted on
lastmodified timestamp 19 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP date and time the list was last modified
created_on datetime 19 creation time
allow_change_from_owner bit 0  √  1 can owner change contents?
allow_change_from_others bit 0  √  0 can others change contents?

Table contained 0 rows at Mon Jul 16 09:22 NZST 2018

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
shelfnumber Primary key Asc PRIMARY
owner Performance Asc virtualshelves_ibfk_1

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