Table testsql_comments.items
holdings/item information

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
itemnumber int 10  √ 
accountlines.itemnumber accountlines_ibfk_2 N
article_requests.itemnumber article_requests_ibfk_3 N
branchtransfers.itemnumber branchtransfers_ibfk_3 C
course_items.itemnumber course_items_ibfk_1 C
creator_batches.item_number creator_batches_ibfk_3 C
hold_fill_targets.itemnumber hold_fill_targets_ibfk_3 C
issues.itemnumber issues_ibfk_2 R
items_last_borrower.itemnumber items_last_borrower_ibfk_1 C
old_issues.itemnumber old_issues_ibfk_2 N
old_reserves.itemnumber old_reserves_ibfk_3 N
reserves.itemnumber reserves_ibfk_3 C
serialitems.itemnumber serialitems_sfk_2 C
primary key and unique identifier added by Koha
biblionumber int 10 0
biblio.biblionumber items_ibfk_4 C
foreign key from biblio table used to link this item to the right bib record
biblioitemnumber int 10 0
biblioitems.biblioitemnumber items_ibfk_1 C
foreign key from the biblioitems table to link to item to additional information
barcode varchar 20  √  null item barcode (MARC21 952$p)
dateaccessioned date 10  √  null date the item was acquired or added to Koha (MARC21 952$d)
booksellerid mediumtext 16777215  √  null where the item was purchased (MARC21 952$e)
homebranch varchar 10  √  null
branches.branchcode items_ibfk_2 R
foreign key from the branches table for the library that owns this item (MARC21 952$a)
price decimal 8,2  √  null purchase price (MARC21 952$g)
replacementprice decimal 8,2  √  null cost the library charges to replace the item if it has been marked lost (MARC21 952$v)
replacementpricedate date 10  √  null the date the price is effective from (MARC21 952$w)
datelastborrowed date 10  √  null the date the item was last checked out/issued
datelastseen date 10  √  null the date the item was last see (usually the last time the barcode was scanned or inventory was done)
stack bit 0  √  null
notforloan bit 0 0 authorized value defining why this item is not for loan (MARC21 952$7)
damaged bit 0 0 authorized value defining this item as damaged (MARC21 952$4)
itemlost bit 0 0 authorized value defining this item as lost (MARC21 952$1)
itemlost_on datetime 19  √  null the date and time an item was last marked as lost, NULL if not lost
withdrawn bit 0 0 authorized value defining this item as withdrawn (MARC21 952$0)
withdrawn_on datetime 19  √  null the date and time an item was last marked as withdrawn, NULL if not withdrawn
itemcallnumber varchar 255  √  null call number for this item (MARC21 952$o)
coded_location_qualifier varchar 10  √  null coded location qualifier(MARC21 952$f)
issues smallint 5  √  null number of times this item has been checked out/issued
renewals smallint 5  √  null number of times this item has been renewed
reserves smallint 5  √  null number of times this item has been placed on hold/reserved
restricted bit 0  √  null authorized value defining use restrictions for this item (MARC21 952$5)
itemnotes mediumtext 16777215  √  null public notes on this item (MARC21 952$x)
itemnotes_nonpublic mediumtext 16777215  √  null
holdingbranch varchar 10  √  null
branches.branchcode items_ibfk_3 R
foreign key from the branches table for the library that is currently in possession item (MARC21 952$b)
paidfor mediumtext 16777215  √  null
timestamp timestamp 19 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP date and time this item was last altered
location varchar 80  √  null authorized value for the shelving location for this item (MARC21 952$c)
permanent_location varchar 80  √  null linked to the CART and PROC temporary locations feature, stores the permanent shelving location
onloan date 10  √  null defines if item is checked out (NULL for not checked out, and due date for checked out)
cn_source varchar 10  √  null
class_sources.cn_source Implied Constraint R
classification source used on this item (MARC21 952$2)
cn_sort varchar 255  √  null
ccode varchar 10  √  null authorized value for the collection code associated with this item (MARC21 952$8)
materials text 65535  √  null materials specified (MARC21 952$3)
uri varchar 255  √  null URL for the item (MARC21 952$u)
itype varchar 10  √  null foreign key from the itemtypes table defining the type for this item (MARC21 952$y)
more_subfields_xml longtext 2147483647  √  null additional 952 subfields in XML format
enumchron text 65535  √  null serial enumeration/chronology for the item (MARC21 952$h)
copynumber varchar 32  √  null copy number (MARC21 952$t)
stocknumber varchar 32  √  null inventory number (MARC21 952$i)
new_status varchar 32  √  null 'new' value, you can put whatever free-text information. This field is intented to be managed by the automatic_item_modification_by_age cronjob.

Table contained 0 rows at Mon Jul 16 09:22 NZST 2018

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name Anomalies
itemnumber Primary key Asc PRIMARY  
holdingbranch Performance Asc holdingbranch  
homebranch Performance Asc homebranch  
barcode Must be unique Asc itembarcodeidx This unique column is also nullable
biblionumber Performance Asc itembibnoidx  
biblioitemnumber Performance Asc itembinoidx  
itemcallnumber Performance Asc itemcallnumber  
ccode Performance Asc items_ccode  
location Performance Asc items_location  
stocknumber Performance Asc itemstocknumberidx  
itype Performance Asc itype_idx  
timestamp Performance Asc timestamp  

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