Table testsql_comments.import_batches
information about batches of marc records that have been imported

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
import_batch_id int 10  √ 
import_records.import_batch_id import_records_ifbk_1 C
unique identifier and primary key
matcher_id int 10  √  null
marc_matchers.matcher_id Implied Constraint R
the id of the match rule used (matchpoints.matcher_id)
template_id int 10  √  null
marc_modification_templates.template_id Implied Constraint R
branchcode varchar 10  √  null
refund_lost_item_fee_rules.branchcode Implied Constraint R
num_records int 10 0 number of records in the file
num_items int 10 0 number of items in the file
upload_timestamp timestamp 19 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP date and time the file was uploaded
overlay_action enum 12 create_new how to handle duplicate records
nomatch_action enum 11 create_new how to handle records where no match is found
item_action enum 20 always_add what to do with item records
import_status enum 9 staging the status of the imported file
batch_type enum 10 batch where this batch has come from
record_type enum 8 biblio type of record in the batch
file_name varchar 100  √  null the name of the file uploaded
comments mediumtext 16777215  √  null any comments added when the file was uploaded

Table contained 0 rows at Mon Jun 26 10:02 NZST 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
import_batch_id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
branchcode Performance Asc branchcode

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