Table testsql_comments.issuingrules
circulation and fine rules

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categorycode varchar 10
default_borrower_circ_rules.categorycode Implied Constraint R
patron category this rule is for (categories.categorycode)
itemtype varchar 10
itemtypes.itemtype Implied Constraint R
item type this rule is for (itemtypes.itemtype)
restrictedtype bit 0  √  null not used? always NULL
rentaldiscount decimal 28,6  √  null percent discount on the rental charge for this item
reservecharge decimal 28,6  √  null
fine decimal 28,6  √  null fine amount
finedays int 10  √  null suspension in days
maxsuspensiondays int 10  √  null max suspension days
firstremind int 10  √  null fine grace period
chargeperiod int 10  √  null how often the fine amount is charged
chargeperiod_charge_at bit 0 0 Should fine be given at the start ( 1 ) or the end ( 0 ) of the period
accountsent int 10  √  null not used? always NULL
chargename varchar 100  √  null not used? always NULL
maxissueqty int 10  √  null total number of checkouts allowed
maxonsiteissueqty int 10  √  null total number of on-site checkouts allowed
issuelength int 10  √  null length of checkout in the unit set in issuingrules.lengthunit
lengthunit varchar 10  √  days unit of checkout length (days, hours)
hardduedate date 10  √  null hard due date
hardduedatecompare tinyint 3 0 type of hard due date (1 = after, 0 = on, -1 = before)
renewalsallowed smallint 5 0 how many renewals are allowed
renewalperiod int 10  √  null renewal period in the unit set in issuingrules.lengthunit
norenewalbefore int 10  √  null no renewal allowed until X days or hours before due date.
auto_renew bit 0  √  0 automatic renewal
reservesallowed smallint 5 0 how many holds are allowed
branchcode varchar 10
branches.branchcode Implied Constraint R
the branch this rule is for (branches.branchcode)
overduefinescap decimal 28,6  √  null the maximum amount of an overdue fine
cap_fine_to_replacement_price bit 0 0 cap the fine based on item's replacement price
onshelfholds bit 0 0 allow holds for items that are on shelf
opacitemholds char 1 N allow opac users to place specific items on hold

Table contained 0 rows at Tue Dec 27 16:10 NZDT 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
branchcode + categorycode + itemtype Primary key Asc/Asc/Asc PRIMARY
categorycode Performance Asc categorycode
itemtype Performance Asc itemtype

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