Table testsql_comments.branchtransfers
information for items that are in transit between branches

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
branchtransfer_id int 10  √  primary key
itemnumber int 10 0
items.itemnumber branchtransfers_ibfk_3 C
the itemnumber that it is in transit (items.itemnumber)
datesent datetime 19  √  null the date the transfer was initialized
frombranch varchar 10
branches.branchcode branchtransfers_ibfk_1 C
the branch the transfer is coming from
datearrived datetime 19  √  null the date the transfer arrived at its destination
tobranch varchar 10
branches.branchcode branchtransfers_ibfk_2 C
the branch the transfer was going to
comments mediumtext 16777215  √  null any comments related to the transfer

Table contained 0 rows at Tue Jan 16 20:47 NZDT 2018

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
branchtransfer_id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
frombranch Performance Asc frombranch
itemnumber Performance Asc itemnumber
tobranch Performance Asc tobranch

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